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Discover New And Innovative Lead Gen Strategies To Grow Your Business, Audience, And Email List
40 Lead Generation And Marketing Specialists Reveal Their Secrets To Explosive And Viral Lead Generation Strategies That Are Working Now
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Discover New And Innovative Lead Gen Strategies To Grow Your Business, Audience, And Email List
40 Lead Generation And Marketing Specialists Reveal Their Secrets To Explosive And Viral Lead Generation Strategies That Are Working Now
The FREE Virtual Summit Starts March 9th, 2023
You can't afford to miss this one!
Simply enter your first name and primary email below to register free.
Get full access for free to all event presentations during the Virtual Summit Launch!
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Are You Finally Ready To Level Up In Lead Acquisition?
Our 40 Lead Acquisition Experts Will Teach You How To...
Discover The Best Lead Generation Strategy For Your Business
The truth is you don't need to do all lead generation strategies to be successful. Each business has its own unique avatar and the way your prospects want to be communicated to, you just need to find out which one will work the best for you.
Regain Your Confidence In The Results Your Product Delivers To Customers
While mindset is important, it's not everything you need to create a successful business. Mindset, strategy, and systems that work are a powerful combination that can unlock your business' potential and take it through the roof.
Run Effective Ad Campaigns Without The Risk Of Failing
We're pulling back the curtain on lead generation campaigns that can be scaled quickly and easily through the use of paid media. Construct winning ads and a magnetic funnel to attract your perfect lead.
Avoid Dangerous Mistakes That Could Cost You Your Business And Your Dreams
You don't have to fall down and make mistakes yourself in order to discover what works and what doesn't. We'll help you not only get a head start but blow past your competition.
Stop Being A Perpetual Student Funding Other People's Dreams And Start Building Your Own
It's really easy to fall into the trap of analysis paralysis and consumption of program after program in order to build the perfect mousetrap before you launch it. What the gurus aren't telling you is that their success comes from keeping you in need of their services making you buy their courses one after another.
Stay Relevant, Ahead Of The Curve, And Effective In Your Marketing
Because things are always changing, it's more important than ever to keep yourself up to date and in the know on things that are working now instead of learning outdated strategies that don't work like they used to. You no longer need to waste hours or even weeks of research trying to figure out everything on your own when you could be handed the blueprint minutes from now!
And if that wasn’t enough, the wisdom that could be yours in just moments from now will give you the exact processes and strategies to...
Finally grow your list and your audience without sacrificing your soul
Powerfully nurture your list and communicate with them in the most effective way possible
Effortlessly become the leader in your niche
Safely launch campaigns that have the best chance of success because you're using proven formulas
And so much more!
Meet Your Summit Host - Karlene Hibbert
Karlene Hibbert is the founder of The Chatbot Queen, a chat marketing campaign boutique helping coaches, consultants, and online entrepreneurs increase their conversions without increasing their ad spend. Coupling the latest in chat marketing technology with email marketing she helps clients get more sign-ups, more attendees, and more sales from their existing webinars.

Whilst she has worked with a variety of clients, one thing unites them all: they're looking to generate more qualified leads through their webinars. Karlene’s deep knowledge in chat marketing trends allow her to build personalized campaigns that engage and entertain audiences, simultaneously leading them closer to a purchase.
Here's What You'll Learn
...From  Our World-Class Experts And Consultants!
Jason Fladlien

Webinars: The EASY Way To Get More Opt-Ins And Conversions

Secrets from the Quarter Billion dollar webinar man. Are you tired of low registration and conversion rates? Get a step-by-step plan for creating and promoting successful webinars that drive results for your business.
Johnny Beirne

Creating Engaging Webinar Presentations: Tips and Strategies for Success

Improve the effectiveness of your webinar presentations! Learn how to structure your content, use visual aids and multimedia effectively, and engage your audience to drive conversions. 
George Shepherd

The Right Way To Build A MASSIVE List With A Virtual Event

Are you looking to grow your email list and attract new customers? Virtual events are an effective way to do just that. Find out how to create an engaging event, promote it effectively and compel your attendees to drive conversions. 
Antonio Thornton

Utilizing Productivity For Lead Generation & Business Growth

Productivity is a critical factor in generating leads and achieving business growth. Learn how to set effective goals, prioritize tasks, and eliminate distractions. Discover how to develop the tools and strategies needed to increase productivity.
Pam Obassa

Packaging For Profits

Packaging is a key factor in driving sales and customer satisfaction, and it is a powerful tool for increasing profits for your business. We'll show you how to create a packaging experience that delights customers and helps your business stand out in the marketplace.
Brett Kaufman

Turn Eyeballs Into Leads With Compelling Copy

Changing a few words in your copy could mean the difference from striking it rich, and quitting whilst your just 3 feet from gold. Get a behind the scenes look at crafting successful copy campaigns that can be used within the next 24 hrs to get more leads and sales.
Anne Popolizio

Lead Magnets That Convert

Want to generate leads and grow your business? Lead magnets are a critical tool for attracting and converting potential customers. Get the inside scoop on properly identifying the right lead magnets to create compelling offers and attract more potential customers.
Lucille Roach

The Ultimate Guide To Lead Generation Through Giveaways

Giveaways are an effective way to attract new customers and grow your email list. Discover the benefits of employing giveaways as a lead generation tool, as well as how to set them up and maximize the ROI.
Sarah Guidas

Maximizing Your Reach And Results: Strategies For Repurposing Your Content Effectively

Looking to maximize your reach and results with your content? Repurposing is a key strategy for getting more out of your material and driving results. Take a deep dive into the top strategies for repurposing your content effectively. 
Jessie Festa

High-Profit Blogging And Guest Writing Strategies

Blogging and guest writing can be a powerful tool for increasing your online marketing reach and results. Learn the ins and outs of identifying high-paying opportunities, crafting pitches and proposals and how to leverage your expertise to land lucrative gigs.
Brendan Dubbles

CRMs For Totally Automating Your Business

CRMs are tools that help businesses analyze customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle. They can be used to totally automate a business by streamlining and simplifying various processes, allowing you to focus on other important tasks and goals.
Sophie Riley

Automation Tools To Get Everything In One Place

Automation tools help improve efficiency, reduce errors and free up valuable time that can be used to focus on other important aspects of running your business. With the right automation tools, a business can access everything they need from a single platform, rather than switching between different systems.
Jill Lublin

Using PR And Media To Get Leads For FREE

PR and media can be a highly effective and cost-efficient way to generate leads for your business. Learn how to craft compelling press releases and media pitches, build relationships with journalists and media outlets, and leverage your expertise to generate valuable publicity for your business.
Scott Aaron

Using LinkedIn Posts To Build Your Business And Generate Leads

LinkedIn posts can be a powerful tool for generating leads and building your business. Come explore the best strategies for using LinkedIn posts to reach and connect with potential customers and clients. Optimize your LinkedIn posts for maximum visibility and engagement, and track results.
Adal Berman

The Power Of LinkedIn for Generating Qualified Leads

More than just a social network, LinkedIn is a powerful tool for generating qualified leads and connecting with potential customers. Learn how to optimize your profile, build a strong network and use LinkedIn features to maximize your reach, as well as your results.
Gabe Schillinger

Creative Ways To Use Contests For Lead Generation

Bored with your usual lead generation tactics? It's time to mix things up with a contest! From Twitter contests to scavenger hunts, the options for getting creative are endless. Don't miss out on this opportunity to give your business a boost and generate some fresh leads with these fun contest ideas.
Ken Burke

Get Noticed: How To Create A Compelling USP

Discover the power of a strong unique selling proposition and how it can make your business stand out in a sea of competitors. Explore the key elements of a compelling USP, identify and communicate your unique value proposition and strategies for using your USP to attract and retain customers.
Maureen Edwards

The Metrics You Need To Track Now 

Tracking metrics is an important part of running a successful business. Metrics are measurable values that can be used to evaluate the performance of a business. By tracking the right metrics, businesses can make informed decisions about how to improve their operations, increase profits, and achieve their goals.
Nadalie Bardo

Unleashing The Full Potential Of Pinterest For Your Business

Uncover the valuable insights and best practices for using Pinterest to drive traffic and sales for businesses. Learn the key features and functions of the platform, as well as the proven techniques used to create and promote content that resonates with users.
Penelope Jane Smith

Networking Like A Pro: The Secrets To Building Lasting Professional Relationships

Discover how to make the most of your connections and build strong relationships that will drive your success. From networking events to online outreach, we'll cover all the strategies you need to become a pro at networking and achieve your goals.
Matt Bacak

New Email Hacks For Getting Engagement, Opens & Clicks

This session teaches users about innovative techniques for crafting effective emails that can help to increase reader engagement. These hacks cover a variety of areas resulting in higher open and click-through rates, as well as conversions.
Igor Kheifets

The Million Dollar Email Marketer: How To Achieve Financial Freedom Through Email Marketing

A behind the scenes look into the strategies and techniques used by successful email marketers to build and grow their businesses. Discover valuable insight and advice on how to build a profitable and sustainable email marketing business.
Martha Krejci

The Affiliate Code: How To Create An Army Of Affiliates That Send You Business 24/7

Get proven strategies for recruiting and retaining the right affiliates for your business. Learn how to motivate and incentivize them to promote your products and services, while also employing the tools and techniques to track and measure their performance.
Lj Avilies

The Solo Ad & Email List Rental Blueprint: Proven Strategies For Success

Master the art of solo ad and email list rentals. Discover the key factors to consider when choosing solo ad and email list vendors, as well as strategies that will come in handy for optimizing campaign performance. Gain valuable insights on how to effectively use these tactics to drive traffic, generate leads and increase sales.
Anne Cheng

The Secrets Of Customer Behavior: What Motivates People To Buy

Unearth the psychology of consumer behavior and take advantage of the practical tips and techniques that will help you understand and connect with your target audience through compelling marketing messages that resonate with them on a deeply personal level.
Rand Fishkin

Audience Research: The Key To Identifying Your Target Market And Dominating Your Niche

Audience research is an essential component of any successful marketing strategy. By understanding your target market and what they need, you can tailor your messaging and offerings to effectively engage them. 
Paul Ace

How High Ticket Programs Are Scaling Past $1 Million A Month With C-Com

Discover the proven techniques and tactics to create and launch successful high ticket programs, as well as the tips and tricks used to grow and scale those programs over time. Get professional advice on overcoming common challenges and obstacles that businesses may face when building and growing high ticket programs.
Glenn Brooks

The Fool-Proof Way To Use Clubhouse To Radically Transform Your Business

Clubhouse is a social media platform that is centered around audio conversations. It is a relatively new platform that has gained popularity among entrepreneurs and business professionals for its ability to facilitate discussions and networking opportunities. Come learn how to use this platform to radically transform your business.
Gauher Chaudry

CPA Marketing 2.0: Strategies For Leveraging The Comeback Of CPA Networks

Gain valuable insights on the current state and future of CPA marketing. Discover the opportunities and challenges that marketers face when using CPA networks, as well as the strategies that will help optimize the performance of your campaigns. 
Brooke Sellas

Social Listening - Revolutionize The Way You Connect, Converse & Convert 

It doesn’t matter if you sell peanuts or planes, customers are the backbone of any business. To successfully move them through your marketing funnels, you must have a firm grasp on audience research. Social listening is one of the smartest, most data-driven ways to do this. 
Alex Glenn

Where To Find Your Perfect Leads And How To Get Them On Your List

Find and attract high quality leads using the techniques and strategies shared here. Want to learn the various methods used to identify potential customers and the strategies designed to get those leads on your email're in the right place!
Fernando Angulo

The Real Truth About Organic Media And SEO: Separating Myths From Facts

There are many myths and misconceptions about organic media and SEO, and it can be difficult to separate fact from fiction. The truth is that organic media and SEO are still important components of a successful online marketing strategy. 
Steve Lowell

Get The Most Out Of Your Presentations: High Impact Speaker Training

Are you tired of giving dull, uninspiring presentations that fail to capture the attention of your audience? Do you want to take your speaking skills to the next level and deliver high impact presentations that leave a lasting impression on your listeners? If so, this interview is for you!
Sarah Weiss

TikTok Marketing: A Comprehensive Guide To Social Media Strategy

TikTok has exploded in popularity in recent years, becoming a go-to platform for creators and marketers alike. If you're looking to leverage TikTok for your brand or business, it's essential to have a solid social media strategy in place. 
Jonathan Jacobs

Lead Generation, Sales Conversion, And Authority Building: The Keys To Success

Lead generation, sales conversion, and authority building are all crucial components of a successful business. By attracting high-quality leads, converting those leads into paying customers, and establishing yourself as an authority in your industry, you can build a thriving, sustainable business. 
Paul Neuberger

Maximizing Your Results With Cold Calling And Ring-less Voicemail

Cold calling and ringless voicemail can be powerful tools for generating leads and closing sales, but they require a strategic approach to be effective. If you want to maximize your results with these techniques, it's essential to understand how to use them effectively and efficiently. 
Rosha Entezari

Pricing For Profit: How To Use Metrics To Set Competitive Prices

Pricing is a critical aspect of any business, and it's essential to get it right in order to maximize profits and stay competitive in the market. One key to effective pricing is understanding the metrics that can help you set prices that are both fair and profitable.
Sami Raby & Kylee Robinson

Funnel Flippers - The Ultimate Lead Getting Funnels That You Need To Put In Place

What happens when you have plenty of leads, but can't seem to convert them into buyers? It's time to look at the analytics, audit your funnels, and make data-informed edits. We like to call this process Funnel Flipping. 
Amira Ifran

Navigating The Legal Landscape Of Lead Generation

Lead generation is a crucial part of any business's marketing strategy, but it's important to be aware of the legal considerations involved. From privacy and data protection laws to telemarketing regulations, there are a number of legal hurdles you need to navigate when generating leads. 
Dominique Dunlop

Pinterest Marketing For Podcasts: Tips And Techniques For Success

Pinterest is a powerful platform for promoting your podcast and reaching a wider audience. With its visual focus and strong search capabilities, Pinterest can be an effective tool for driving traffic and engagement to your podcast. 
We've Left Nothing Out Of This Exceptional Educational Experience!  
What makes our SUMMIT different from the others?
Enhanced Education
It's our process of creating online events that resemble college-level courses delivered by world's leading expert speakers and hosts.  We craft each summit and masterclass to deliver a complete educational experience on each topic.
Love Learning?  So Do We.
No Hidden Agendas
We do not allow speakers to pitch their products, courses or services on our summit.  That means YOU GET a full 100% learning experience without wading though time-consuming sales pitches.  Your experience is our #1 Priority.
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40 Top Entrepreneur And Generating Leads Experts
Ever wonder why some entrepreneurs seem to have it all and others end up drawing the short stick? Learn directly from 40 world-class experts in the industry as they share their advice on growing a crowd of hungry buyers and learn what's working now so you don't waste time or money on outdated lead generation strategies that simply don't work.
Time Saving, Expense Free Education
Bypass long lines waiting airport lines, skip past checking into overpriced, unsanitary hotel rooms and spend less time away from your family. With our time saving, expense free education platform, you can learn effortlessly without having to travel.
Learning Designed For Success
Time is a more valuable commodity than money in the modern economy. You can stop wasting hours researching, testing and figuring it out on your own. Now you can learn online directly from the experts without missing a beat at the office or at home!
High Quality Educational Expert Resources
There is no substitute for high quality educational resources that allow you to connect with our experts through presentations that foster easy to understand tactics and strategies engineered to help you achieve maximum results.
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Get FREE ACCESS to all virtual summit presentations during the live online event.
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What is The Lead Gen Super Summit?
The 4-day digital event consists of 40 world-class experts in the field of generating leads who are sharing their inside secrets, tactics, and strategies to grow a crowd of hungry buyers.

Are travel accommodations required to attend?
No! The Lead Gen Super Summit is an online virtual event you attend from any location using any device when your schedule permits. Our expert interviews and presentations are available for free on the day they launch for the summit to anyone who has claimed their free pass. Access links are emailed each day of the summit for the presentations going live that day.

The summit can’t really be free... what's the catch?
Registration for the Lead Gen Super Summit is currently free. Once registration has been confirmed, your access links will be emailed each day of the summit for the training sessions going live on that day. Each training session remains available for 24 hours from 9am - 9am the following day, after which, those sessions are moved to the Lead Gen Super Summit VIP Access Pass Holder Member’s Area. If you think you might miss any of these vitally important training sessions, you may want to consider securing access to the recordings, professional notes, and amazing bonuses. You'll see the VIP Pass Offer after you register for your free pass above.

What happens if I miss one of the training sessions?
Each training session can be accessed by Free Pass holders for up to 24 hours each day of the summit. This allows you to maintain your life and still find time to catch each of these amazing presentations. You may also elect to upgrade your Free Pass to a VIP All-Access Pass which will grant lifetime access to all summit presentations at a low introductory price to help empower you to take action on what you'll learn!

Do you have a refund policy for your VIP All-Access Pass?
We are so confident you will love Lead Gen Super Summit All-Access Pass and all the amazing value it contains, we offer a full 100% refund of your purchase, NO QUESTIONS ASKED, for up to 90 FULL DAYS! How’s that for a guarantee!?
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